Sapa Transportation, Money Services, Convenience Stores& More

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With many alleyways, offshoots, side streets and intersections, it can be easy to get turned around in the dense town of Sapa. The Sapa Horizon Hotel is only a short walk from the center of town and has plenty of convencies located around it. While the hotel does offer plenty of amenities, we understand that sometimes there are needs we are not able to attend to. For these occasions, we are happy to direct you where you need to go. Check below to see where most asked about conveniences are located.


The town of Sapa is small and catered to travel on foot. If you need to go further out, to the villages or to a waterfall, there are other options. Taxis are plentiful, especially in the town square area, and are always willing to offer a ride. Make sure there is a meter in the cab or clearly state your destination and establish a price before getting in the vehicle. The same goes for motorbike taxis. Although the motorbike taxis can only take one passenger at a time, it can be an enjoyable way to get from A to B.

Money Services

It may be cheaper than back home but that doesn’t mean you won’t spend money! The currency in Vietnam is the Dong and the exchange rate from the US Dollar is about 23,000 vnd to 1 usd. If you are out and about, away from the hotel, try and find an Agribank ATM. They have a withdrawal limit of 3 million Dong (~130 usd) and their fee is the cheapest at 22,000 vnd. Luckily there is one around the corner from Sapa Horizon Hotel. Take a left out of the hotel, descend the first flight of stairs to the left. At the bottom of the staircase, turn right. The red ATM box will be on your right. Withdraw the limit and you’ll be set for at least a couple days. It is always suggested you exchange your money upon arrival to any country but in case it slipped your mind, Sapa Lotte Hotel provides this service.


If you forgot any medications or have an upset stomach from the sudden change in diet, don’t worry. There is a pharmacy right on that same staircase. Again, take a left out of the hotel and another left down the first staircase. Tucked at the end of this short alley is a pharmacy that will take care of most your needs. The hours are not always consistent, but they usually close up for lunch and will reopen again until around dinner time.

Convenience Store

For other conveniences such as snacks, beer, wine, cigarettes, deodorant and hair care products, head to the Sapa Mini Mart. Take a right out of the hotel, descend to staircase right beside the building and take a left. The mini mart’s red blinking marquee is difficult to miss. Prices are fair and their selection adequate. If you require a larger selection, you only need to walk a little further to Supermarket Xuan Truong.


Sapa Transportation, Money Services, Convenience Stores& More