Where to Buy Souvenirs & More

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If you are looking for gifts and souvenirs to bring back home, there are plenty of options in Sapa. Buy yourself some items to remember the trip by but be sure to share the Vietnamse culture with your friends and family back home! The attire of the local people is quite captivating and most of their crafts are handmade. Hemp clothing is made from locally grown plants and clothing is dyed with local fruits and flowers. Sizes run a little small in Vietnam so make sure to try everything on to make sure you get the perfect fit before purchasing anything.

Trung tâm trưng bày giới thiệu sản phẩm Sapa

This mouthful translates to, “Exhibition Center to Introduce Sapa Products”. Local villagers come to town and lie their products out on the ground, displaying their handiwork for all to see and appreciate. This outdoor market is open every day and only a short walk from the hotel. Admire the detail in each item and watch as some of the ladies continue to craft their goods right in front of you. There are also small shops here selling local, dried fruits and teas. Take a bag of Oolong tea home so you can savor the flavor of Vietnam for months to come.

Indigo Cat

Indigo Cat’s wide selection of ethical, handmade, ethnic crafts blurs the line between store and museum. These high quality good will ensure a lengthy browse through the dense aisles while dodging the handbags hanging from the ceiling. Each pattern is so well-designed and intricate, it’ll be difficult to choose your favorite.

HTX Thổ Cẩm Phố Núi (Brox Brocade Mountain Town)

On the backside of Sapa Horizon Hotel, this small store showcases many beautiful products with eye-catching designs covering the walls and racks. They have handmade hemp shirts for the men and silk robes for the ladies. Look closely at the detail of the jewelry in the display case and appreciate the time it took to make each item here.

Sapa Market

On the other side of town is the Sapa Market. This two-story, flea market style building has everything you may need or want; sandals, shoes, socks, underwear, soccer jerseys, kids clothing, button-downs, button-downs, dresses and skirts. Outside, fruits, vegetables, meats and other common ingredients are sold under the collection of tarps. There are also a couple of cheap, cafeteria style restaurants located inside. Get a traditional bowl of phô, made with the freshest of ingredients, literally straight from the market.

Ladies on the Street

Everywhere you go in Sapa, there are ladies with 10 handbags draped over their shoulders and a bigger bag of goods on their back. Young girls walk around with arms covered in dangling bracelets, holding even more in their hands. Wander into town square and they will flock to you.  Most of the time these walking vendors will come up to you and ask if you want to buy anything. If you are interested, take a look at what they are offering. If not, politely decline but don’t be afraid to talk to them. Ask them their name and where they are from. Don’t be surprised if they try to sell you a trekking tour for tomorrow as well.

Where to Buy Souvenirs & More